Audacious Beings

Maneskin at the O2
Audacious Beings · 13. May 2023
The best glam rockers take the roof off the O2

"Friday Night Sinner "by Candy Gigi is boundary...less, gross and fabulous!
Audacious Beings · 12. May 2023
"Friday Night Sinner" by Candy Gigi is a bold and fucking hilarious one-woman show. Accompanied by a pianist - her 'husband' David, Candy belts out some terrific tunes a la West End Musical Theatre. The entire show is set up as if Candy is hosting a traditional Jewish-style Friday night dinner. We discover she is a Jewish woman who gave up her dreams of becoming a musical theatre star, as she entered into an arranged marriage with a ( closeted gay) Jewish man whom she finds revolting. She...

Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club... A sexy, saucy and dark night out
Audacious Beings · 11. May 2023
I was thrilled to attend a performance last night at the Kit Kat Club in London as I have been desperate to experience the venue for some time. It turned out to be a sexy, saucy but also gut punching night out. As you enter the club, performers are dotted in corners, adding to the seedy and subversive atmosphere, drawing us into the world before the show even begins.

Witch Hunt
Audacious Beings · 21. December 2022
I saw this duo back in October at Jackson Lane theatre. Life has been doing its thing and I haven't had chance to blog about it. Though they definitely deserve a place on my 'wall' of Audacious Beings. The show was hysterical, I am not sure that I stopped much for a breath.

Briefs: Bite Club
Audacious Beings · 23. July 2022
Oh my god! So delicious, so gorgeous, so sexy, so funny, so cute and so talented. Briefs Factory brings us Briefs: Bite Club, performing for the first time in the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Southbank. Co-founder Fez Faanana was our MC for the night, he was adorably effervescent and candid. I have totally fallen in love.

Audacious Beings · 17. July 2022
Last month I went to see ShowWomen at Jackson Lane Theatre. Life has surely got in the way of me writing up my review and sharing my total joy about this performance. I left the theatre feeling hugely excited and inspired by the show, for nothing excites me more than the brazen audacity of a woman who flouts her artistry unapologetically.

Audacious Beings · 22. May 2022
Melissa John’s One Woman show, ‘Snatched’ was both hilarious and gut wrenchingly sad. Growing up as a teen in the 90s with a disability and exploring her sexuality was nothing short of challenging. Taking us through the ages Johns reflects on her past, both the good stuff and the bad. Fast forward to 2018 when her iCloud account was hacked and naked photos of her were released online, Johns was subjected to atrocious online trolling. To say I laughed and cried is an understatement. Johns...