Secret Diary of a Teenage Nymphomaniac

Puking at parties & fumbled mishaps in the dark, just an average teenager's night out...


Set in the late 80s, early 90s, a time when feminism meant women could behave like men, and the gay community in London were coming out of the closet. A time of exciting change as Gen Xers were leading the way towards 3rd wave feminism, the ‘Women can have it all’ approach. 

That was the plan anyway.

London was feeding the world the first inklings of ‘Cool Britannia’

Isabel is caught between the old static world of female conformity and the new world of female masturbation & gay porn. 

Under the wing of her big sister’s strident feminism, Isabel attempts to be a modern teen. 

Except she isn’t in London. 


Contains strong language and sexual descriptions.


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