Secret Diaries of a Teenage Nymphomaniac?

Puking at parties & fumbled mishaps in the dark, just an average teenager's night out...

Set in the late 80s. After giving her virginity to a boy she thought she loved, Isabel discovers that the teenage rumour mill has slut-shamed her into isolation. Once an A grade student, Isabel finds the only way to deal with the bullying is to become the very thing she is accused of being, and thus begins her own journey of sexual exploration and self indulgence.


Guided by her headstrong older sister and her own need to be independent, Isabel navigates boys and her final year at school with nothing less than crazy misguided mishaps. Rebelling against the Conservatism of her parents, her school and Thatcher's Britain - Isabel embarks on a crazy final year of school. 


Contains strong language and sexual descriptions.


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