More about me...

How did I get here? This is the question I kept asking myself. 

It was 2012. I was now a  full time mother and wife. But something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Something that was the essence of ‘me’ had been extinguished. 


Ten years earlier I was enjoying the beginning of my career, clubbing and having a riot with my friends. And a little hedonism thrown in too. OK, a lot of hedonism. I loved it. But now, the sexually empowered wild woman I had once been, was just a memory. Worse, she felt like a dream that I had personally allowed to fade away through my own choices. The truth was, my sensual and erotic spark was completely blown out. I hated who I had become. 


A mother of two, choosing to live a rather reclusive life by the sea in southern Europe (living the dream apparently).  I was a wife who was committed to the family unit for better or for worse. A devoted mother to the kids and a dutiful daughter to aging parents. The house was clean and tidy and I baked fabulous birthday cakes. I put everyone’s needs above my own, and I was empty and lost, trapped inside a cage of my own making. 

I hit rock bottom.


As I embarked on a quest of recovery (which would take me 10 years of unlocking myself piece by piece) something happened. The wild and creative woman I once was, became roused from her slumber. 


Now, fast forward 10 years and I am back living in London, divorced and ready for a whole new chapter. 

I am flourishing, finally the strong and courageous mum I always wanted to be; full of fun, energy and emotionally connected with the two little souls who are so important to me.


My career in TV is going from strength to strength.

Plus I have my own projects which I am passionate about; this website, my writing and a desire to help others who find themselves in a deep dark hole.


I continue to work on changing my life, reaching towards my goals and keeping myself out of the darkness. 


I am delighted to step into my essence once again. This time though, I am wiser. No need for Dutch courage, simply brimming with curiosity and reconnecting with the creative & erotic energy that crackles with a lust for adventure, purpose and empowerment.

It is fucking scary sometimes.

Yet I also feel utterly alive.