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Secrets & Lies - Meet Up group:

Are you struggling with teenage offspring?

Are you also co-parenting, divorcing or has the relationship broken down so much communication is hard?

Are you also trying to cope with menopausal symptoms?                                                            Come and join me...


We can lose ourselves in motherhood, and when we feel we have sacrificed so much and suddenly the hand we feed starts to bite us. 

Plus broken relationships and our raging hormones.

Life becomes overwhelming and we wonder how we can carry on.


If this is you, struggling alone, come and join me for a monthly chat.

Come and be supported.

Hear from other women who are going through the same thing.


We can scream, we can cry and hopefully we will laugh too.

Or you can sit quietly and listen to others sharing. Our stories will always resonate in one way or another.

There is no commitment to come every month, you can dip in and out whenever you want to. I will be there every month and will welcome you all.


What will you get out of it?

You will leave the Meet up knowing that you aren’t alone, and hopefully leave feeling lighter.

Maybe also make a friend or two.

And eventually reconnect with who you are & rediscover yourself.


This is not a therapy group, it's a social group, together we are stronger.

I like to look for the humour in all of our difficulties.

Navigating the secrets and lies is tough.

Let's lean on each other and find a new path through all of our difficulties. 

Meet ups will be in person, on Wednesday evenings or weekends.

We will meet in a venue in central London during the week, and I would also love to arrange a Meet up on the weekend sometimes.


Since my divorce I have a gorgeous dog and would love to share with you the freedom and tranquillity of my weekend walks in the woods.

And if you are up for, I can arrange a trip to a museum, exhibitions or a night out at the theatre.

Again with no commitment to join each one. Just pop in and out as you please.

This space is for you, when you need company.


Sign up and let’s support each other through the hard times.


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