Meet Up Group - Feb 2023

I held my first Meet Up group this week! Awonderful first night.


Though the focus was on menopause this week, being a small group, we were able to flow with the rhythm of the conversation which meandered between menopause, teens, tweens, divorce, difficult marriages, travel and health.


I wasn’t going to blog about these groups, but some of the tips shared are great tips which I would love to share with the wider members.

I recommended a selection of books which I have read and have helped me enormously:


Feeding the Mouth that Bites you By Dr Kenneth Wilgus LINK HERE

This book helped me eliminate a number of conflicts between me and my teen. Implementing some of the practical advice has also made my life somewhat easier.


The Conscious Parent By Shefali Tsabary LINK HERE

I read this book a while ago when my kids were much younger and I continue to follow the author on social media. Her book and her guidance have helped me connect with my own inner trauma as a child, suffering from the generational trauma of our parents. I continue to work on breaking the cycle and attempt to parent more consciously.


Finding True Refuge: Meditations for Difficult Times By Tara Brach LINK HERE

This book became my lifeline throughout Covid lockdown, negotiating divorce whilst still living with my then husband. Besides the guided meditations it gave me a new way of looking at the painful situation. I continue to follow Tara Brach’s talks on her podcast channel. I am always reminded that I have a choice in every situation.


I also received some great tips for me and my struggles with the uncertainty around peri menopausal symptoms.


Having felt brushed off by my GP, I will go back now and request a blood test to check my hormone levels and out of interest my thyroid.


I already take vitamin supplements of Omega oils, but B12 was recommended to me, so I will look into that more, as a supplement to help me with tiredness and energy levels.