Mindful Walks
CPR · 28. February 2023
Since getting my dog, Loki, I have had to start taking daily walks in open spaces. It was great whilst working from home, easy peasy and all that. But then lockdown fully lifted and July 2022 I made a full time move back to the office. I suddenly found the mornings to be a race against time, from getting up, getting the kids up, walking the dog, getting the kids to school and racing to work. I went through a short spell of feeling frustrated with the decision to get a dog, as he became part of...

Meet Up Group - Feb 2023
CPR · 25. February 2023
I held my first Meet Up group this week! Awonderful first night. Though the focus was on menopause this week, being a small group, we were able to flow with the rhythm of the conversation which meandered between menopause, teens, tweens, divorce, difficult marriages, travel and health. I wasn’t going to blog about these groups, but some of the tips shared are great tips which I would love to share with the wider members. I recommended a selection of books which I have read and have helped me...

Searching For The Peace Within
CPR · 19. June 2022
I first came across meditation in 1998 when I was 25. I was living in Valencia, Spain, on my study year abroad at Uni. I remember it so vividly. I remember coming across an article in a Woman’s magazine. It wasn’t a particularly in depth article, just the usual lighted hearted women’s articles, discussing meditation and it’s benefits, but it struck a chord with me. Or resonated with me, as we like to say nowadays. I didn’t try it until a few months later. When I found myself literally...