Maybe a sub title here?

The shows rocks, not just because the stars are all gorgeous and they have hot sex throughout. The show moves outside of heteronormativity, emphasising taboo subjects and stereotypes, whilst making gloriously powerful statements.

I was inspired to see scenes depicting elements which are so  often hidden away from viewing, in order to present a more sanitised and conformist version of life.

This is what jumped out at me:

· Women and their tampons
· Women’s vaginas during child birth
· Blood related to tampons and child birth
· Transgender
· Lesbians, a black lesbian – even better, and she gorgeous, feminine, clever and light hearted, NOT stereotypically angry.
· A gay couple
· White male police officer who is sensitive, kind and not racist.
· The language highlights sexism, “She spins well for a girl” is responded to with, “She spins well, period”
· In Mumbai – Tina is smart and her story highlights the sexism within her culture and her arrange marriage.
· Sun Bak is from Seoul – her story is powerful in illustrating how undervalued daughters are.
· Nairobi – Capheus or “Van Damme” portrays a beautiful, joyful and gentle soul caught up gang war fare.

On a deeper level, the poignant message of Sense8 is one of human connection.  If we can fully connect with others, we can, and we will protect each other. Together we make a stronger and more compassionate unit which has the ability to challenge the Status Quo.

Rather pertinently, the antagonist works to destroy the connection, for they are too powerful as a ‘cluster’.

Personally, Sense8 flooded my senses as a direct assault on contemporary society. I fully believe that our governing bodies, prefer society to be half asleep and disconnected. They want to dull our spirit with consumerism and materialism. By instilling global fear, we, the masses work tirelessly to pay the system. Fear of threats, terrorism, perpetrators, and economic ruin keep us all nicely under control………

But don’t take my word for it, remember the makers of Sense8 brought you the Matrix…….