01. May 2022
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13. February 2016
Essay presented on the Porn Panel, Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference 2014. American University, Washington DC. Website here
11. February 2016
We had a cracking launch party for Twisted50 last week. The turnout was awesome, the cast playing the characters from the stories were terrifying and it was fantastic to finally meet the writers. The venue was The Cinema Museum in Elephant and Castle, which was a perfect match for our Twisted lot. The Create50 team did a fabulous job of scaring us all to death throughout the night.

Violence and Masculinity
19. June 2015
Two days ago I started Reading Jackon Katz’ s book ‘Macho Paradox’. This morning Mike Lousada shared the following article on Facebook. The article moved me to tears, as every article about abuse does. I cannot begin to comprehend the life James Rhodes has had. Nor can I begin to comprehend the suffering and the torture other men and women have had to endure in their lives at the...

05. January 2015
The subject of women and their periods, throughout cultures is problematic to say the least. At best young women feel silenced into not talking about it and at worst they feel disgusting and ashamed. The range of emotion seems to shift throughout cultures. My experience of growing up has been this: British teenagers are embarrassed about, I lived in a perpetual cycle of trying to pretend it was never happening. The thought of talking about periods with boys was horrendous and if a tampon was...
12. September 2014
The shows rocks, not just because the stars are all gorgeous and they have hot sex throughout. The show moves outside of heteronormativity, emphasising taboo subjects and stereotypes, whilst making gloriously powerful statements.

Wild Women
18. August 2014
I made this little film because I had to exorcise a vision I had... At the time I made it (around 2014) I considered it to be complete; I had created what I needed to create, with the resources I had, during that time. Digging it out in 2019, I cringe at the voice over and music! So, it is not quite complete for me now. With time and more resources available to me now, I will eventually revisit it. For now, I like to watch it with the sound muted, and enjoy the sense of freedom.

25. March 2014
This week I had intended to write a blog about the rivalry between women. My aim was to discuss my observations, from my own personal experiences, and suggest, that we all hug each and unite to make the world a better place. As I normally do when I write, I research other sources and I became reacquainted with the political debate between the Radical Feminists and the Liberal Feminists, and then I came across the term TERF, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – this seems to be the latest...